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About us...

Inspired by classical poetry and fairy tales every piece is carefully handcrafted from porcelain and high fired to give the ceramic the same hardness as a quartz crystal. 

All our jewellery is finished on sterling silver to ensure a piece which with care will last for years and years.

We're passionate about creating jewellery and ceramic which turns heads ; makes people want to take a closer look, with a deeper meaning to every piece.


Rachel Codd is ceramic jeweller who creates jewellery based on classical narrative and poetry in porcelain. She studied Ba Ceramics at Cardiff Metropolitan University 2012-2015, graduating with the first Austin-Smith Design Award. Going on to study with The Goldsmiths Centre as part of their Getting Started Program in January 2017.

She works with classical narratives to create wearable ceramics, thus connecting to the wearer and drawing them into the story and focus. 

Working with porcelain  to create a rich palette whilst still obtaining vivid detail, clear glazed to create tactile functional pieces, and with a dash of gold lustre which holds a subtle hint of more traditional jewellery within a fresh creative process.

Her work is the result of a desire to create pieces that form a tactile narrative, adding a little more beauty into the world and inviting us to not just view it but also wear it and become a part of it.




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